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Paradis Retrouvé

Le ciel et nous, 46x61 cm

* Paradis Retrouvé - is a series made in watercolor during the summer 2021.

Paradis Retrouvé — Paradise Found

This series represents the triumph of poetry, that of beauty and harmony over obscurity. It is a testament to a faith in life and to the softness and original kindness. It represents the supremacy of nature, of love, of joy. If Paradise Lost is chaos, fear and the absence of hope, Paradise Found is the renewed beauty of our mind’s eye, the appreciation for the tiny but essentiel things that liberate us. It is opening our eyes and gazing at this marvelous planet, the richness of shared moments and the warmth of our love. These are liberated and joyous humans who, close to nature, celebrate the great mystery of life. 

It’s playing our hidden music in a world that needs us all for growth and fulfillment. It’s the happy alliance of the living. 

* Regularly, a new watercolor from this serie will be presented here and preview in the newsletter "La lettre de".

     Translation by Kate Devine

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